Nordic Pulse

Jan 18, 2022
Conditions Update: the snow coverage is still decent with grass showing in places. The trails are icy as it cools overnight and soften somewhat if it gets warm. As the snow continues to melt over the weekend there is a possibility that gravel and pavement will start to become a hazard in places. Ski with caution and only if you are comfortable with variable/icy conditions. The hills on the green loop have taken the biggest hit and they won’t be groomed until we get more snow. The blue and lower green are likely the best shape as they see less sun. The driving range is also in good shape. Do your best snow dance!
Jan 21, 1:56 PM
Total Trails: 8.09 km
Skiing is over at Shaganappi unless we receive significant snow with low to no wind. The Chinook temperatures combined with the associated winds have sublimated the snow from most of the ski trails, leaving a very thin layer of pockmarked ice, or large sections of grass, rocks, or asphalt. Walking is not recommended due to the icy surfaces. The skiff of snow that Calgary did receive with the last storm cycle did not stay on the ski trails because of the winds. Some winters, there's no sense in fighting Mother Nature. Fingers crossed for 15 to 30 cm of snow in a storm cycle with low winds, otherwise skiing is over until we (hopefully) receive the early March snow that typically hits Calgary.
Jan 20, 5:44 AM
Total Trails: 6.43 km